1211, 2018

Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics: Who We Are

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At Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics, we believe the body is amazing in its capacity to heal. While Western medicine does the best it can to treat disease and alleviate symptoms, the body is capable of so much more when Western medicine and holistic practices are combined. Our Integrative Medicine approach to healing and restoration supports the body’s amazing ability to relieve symptoms and naturally recover balance to the immune system, the nervous system, the digestive system, the hormonal system, and the cardiovascular system. The best [...]

2602, 2016

Fish Oil Reverses Behavioral Problems in Teens

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Behavioral problems in children don’t disappear when your child graduates from the “terrible twos” or middle school. Teen years can actually be very challenging for some parents. If your teen loves to constantly argue and lie, your buttons have probably been pushed once too many times. And, though your child has a need for his independence, making informed and thoughtful decisions could be lacking. He just hasn’t matured the way you’d like. You see, he hasn’t learned how to control his impulses or make decisions [...]

3011, 2015

Pea Protein Pushing Whey to the Sidelines

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Have you been told that whey protein is the best supplementation source for strength and muscle gains, as well as weight loss? While whey has earned its place in the fitness and supplementation market, a new study reports that vegetable pea protein may have its own advantages to training. Other studies make its claim on weight loss. With the new reports, pea protein is gaining popularity quickly. Food manufacturers enjoy the cost-effectiveness of pea protein, which also benefits you as the consumer. Additionally, the athletic and [...]

3011, 2015

Improve Your Baby’s Brain and Breast Milk with DHA

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Who doesn’t want a baby with an intelligent mind? You can now ensure your child receives the nutrients he or she needs for brain health by eating a healthy diet that includes fatty acids – particularly Omega-3’s Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA). An April 2015 study published in Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids (PLEFA) demonstrated that Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) supplementation impacts infant fatty acids that are important for brain development and breast milk fatty acid composition.[1] Because research has proven that a mother’s nutritional intake does affect [...]

2011, 2015

Prevent Diabetes by Ridding Added Fructose

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Have you been told by your doctor that you are borderline diabetic? Did he also tell you that you can lower your risk for diabetes by changing your lifestyle habits? If so, he’s definitely looking out for you. New studies indicate that certain simple carbohydrates are a principal driver of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus which indicate that diet changes are necessary. With proper diet, you can halt your chances of becoming diabetic and even reverse a pre-diabetic or diabetic prognosis. According to a report published in [...]

2004, 2015

Science Proves Body Transformation by Altering Protein and Carb Intake

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If you’ve been fighting with your weight scale, you can finally make peace and say good-bye to yo-yo dieting. You no longer have to wonder which diet is the right diet. The scientific community has recently proven body transformation is a result of specific foods. Surmounting evidence demonstrates a correlation with proteins and carbohydrates and how the combination impacts your weight. By making a few changes, you can actually love your scale again! New Research Proves Protein Has a Positive Effect on Weight The April 2015 [...]

1504, 2015

Improve Your Metabolic Efficiency by 11 Percent with Green Tea Extract

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How would you like to increase your energy or improve the way your body burns fat? Maybe you don’t need to lose weight and just want to boost your endurance training for a special event. Whether it’s to lose inches or win the gold, you have the opportunity to increase your performance with a very special natural supplement by nearly 11 percent. Green tea extract has proven to give you that oomph to help you achieve your goals. According to the Journal of the International Society [...]

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