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What is Stem Cell Injection Therapy?

We use undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells derived from amniotic fluids purified and prepared by the company RichGen rather than from your bone marrow or fat cells. The extract is derived from a young healthy woman’s placenta after a C-section birth. There are no cells from the baby or the mother in the tissue allograft. The product is fully FDA registered and inspected. As the stem cells come contained in their natural environment they are more likely to grow into the healthy tissue that your body instructs them to.

How Does it Work?

The undifferentiated cells have no DNA, so they take instruction from your surrounding cells as to what to become. Pluripotent means that they have the ability to grow into virtually any type of cell in the body. Stem cells derived from the blood are not pluripotent. The full spectrum tissue allograft that we use is anti-inflammatory without the negative effects of cortisone, has a full spectrum of growth factors, is immunomodulating, anti-microbial, and anti-tumorigenic.

What Areas of the Body Does This Treatment Treat?

Depending on where they are injected into the body they can grow new cartilage, spinal discs, meniscus in the knee, wounds on the skin, and even organ tissues like the retina, kidney, liver, and pancreas. It is known to strengthen the heart, lungs, tendons, and muscles. When injected into the scalp new hair can grow over several months. The growth of new skin can be enhanced after aesthetic procedures such as RF needling or Laser Treatments by applying the full tissue allograft immediately after treatment followed by the daily use of RichGen facial serum. This can help soften scars and reduce acne scars.

Who is a Good Candidate For This Treatment?

Stem cells have been used effectively with infants even in utero, babies, children, adults and elderly. The fewer medications a person is on the better the treatment works. Immunosuppressant medications are inhibitory to the process.

How Many Treatments Does it Take to See Results?*

The anti-inflammatory effect is often noticed within days. Patients will often walk better immediately after injection into the knees. It takes 9-12 weeks for new tissue to start to grow. Repeated injections at 3-6 month intervals are needed when there is more extensive damage or a person is more ill or elderly. 2-4 scalp treatments are often necessary to grow new hair.

Is it Painful?

The injections involve minimal pain. Proper anesthetic is used prior to the procedure.

Is There a Recovery Process?

There is no downtime after the injection or infusion. Patients have not experienced allergic reaction or rejection since the substance has no HLA antigen.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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