Millions of Americans face each day through the haze of joint pain. Many forms of arthritis, but particularly osteoarthritis, are a major cause of pain and disability in the United States. Do you have joint pain that affects your quality of life? Are you afraid the only options for treatment are medications or surgery? Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics can help with stem cell therapy, a noninvasive, nonsurgical choice for a growing number of patients.

Every joint can be affected by arthritis and injury, but shoulder and knee joints in particular take quite the brunt of discomfort. Stem cell therapy is used to develop cartilage, tendon, or muscle cells to repair damage, reduce inflammation that aggravates arthritis, and release proteins called cytokines, which slow cartilage degeneration and reduce pain. This treatment is not painful, with the added benefit of minimal side effects and zero downtime.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

We use undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells. What does that mean? Undifferentiated cells have no DNA, so they receive instructions from surrounding cells to form whichever tissue is necessary. Their pluripotent nature gives them the ability to grow into virtually any type of cell in the body. These stem cells are an extract derived from a healthy placenta after a C-section birth, and contain no cells from the mother or baby. Fully FDA registered and inspected, these cells will likely grow into the healthy tissue your joints need to repair damage and relieve inflammation and pain.

Fast Relief

The earlier joint pain is treated with stem cell therapy, the better it works, resulting in less pain and inflammation. Patients can notice better movement and decreased pain within days to weeks after the injections into the joint being treated, and improvements are likely to continue in the following months. At 9-12 weeks new tissue growth and damage repair increase dramatically and can last for years. For more extensively damaged joints, injections may need to be repeated at intervals of 3-6 months to obtain significant and long-lasting improvement.

You don’t have to live with crippling joint pain due to arthritis or injury. Our trained staff at Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics are here to help.

Take the Next Step

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